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Export CSV feedback to Dropbox
Export CSV feedback to Dropbox

Sync your feedback with a Dropbox folder to enable integrating with popular dashboard and BI tools

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SimpleSat allows you to connect with a Dropbox account and export your feedback as a CSV file. This in turn lets you use the data to integrate with third party dashboard tools, such as BrightGauge. πŸ“ˆΒ 

Authenticate with Dropbox

Head over to the Integrations section in your SimpleSat dashboard. Click Integrate.

Next, click Authenticate to launch Dropbox's authorization process.

Make sure you're logged into the Dropbox account you'd like to sync with, then click Allow.

You'll see this message once successfully authenticated:

Accessing your data

A new folder named SimpleSat will automatically be added to your Dropbox account. You can find it in the Apps folder.

After a few minutes, a new file simplesat_feedback.csv will automatically appear. SimpleSat will regenerate this file every 30 minutes with the most up to date feedback data.

Integrating with dashboard tools

If the dashboard tool you use has a Dropbox or CSV import option, you can follow their documentation to complete the process.

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