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Autotask integrations (legacy)
Autotask integrations (legacy)

Integrating Simplesat surveys with Autotask. Authenticate with Autotask's API to enable deep integrations.

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Although these integrations aren't required to collect satisfaction feedback from tickets, we still recommend setting them up so you can take full advantage of Autotask's ticket workflows and business rules.

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Authenticate with Autotask

For this helpdesk, there are two survey integrations available:

  • Update service ticket with an internal note

  • Update conversation custom attributes

Both of these integrations will make use of an API user account in Autotask which will need to be created first:

  1. In Autotask, navigate to the menu bar by hovering over the menu button at the top left of the page. Then, hover over Admin and select Account Settings & Users tab.

  2. Expand the Resources/Users(HR) section and select Resources/Users.

  3. Hover over the New button and select New API User.

  4. In the user creation window fill in the first name/last name/email address and set security level to API User (system).

  5. Scroll down and generate a username and password.

  6. Select Simplesat as the integration vendor.

Be sure to keep the username and password as they're need later.

Then press the save & close button.

Next, in the Simplesat app go to Manage surveys > Select the survey that you want to use > Edit > Publish tab.

On the Configure integrations section, click the Activate integration button and add your Autotask API user credentials. Then, click the Authenticate button to save the changes.

Note: To find your Autotask Zone, look at the number after "ww" when you log in to your Autotask account. For example, belongs to Zone 2.

Troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure to select the correct zone number that appears in your Autotask PSA URL.

  • Our servers are located in Ireland. If you're having an issue connecting, you may need to add that country to your firewall's filter.

  • You may also need to whitelist Simplesat's IP addresses. You can find them here.

  • If you still can't authenticate, please send a message to the Simplesat team, and we can troubleshoot together.

Collect additional Autotask information

This integration will stay active as long as you have Simplesat authenticated with Autotask.

Once active, Simplesat will retrieve the following information through the API:



Primary Resource

First Name

Ticket Title

First Name

Last Name

Ticket Number

Last Name


Assigned Resource ID (Primary Resource)


Company Name



Note: All information gathered through the API will override the fields previously sent through URL parameters.

Update service ticket with an internal note

Simplesat can update the support ticket with an internal note after a customer submits feedback.

Here's an example of how a note will look in an Autotask support ticket:

The note is flagged as Internal, with the integrated user as the author.

The Ratings will be displayed as Good, Neutral, or Negative. The additional Comment row will only appear if a comment for the primary question was given.

To toggle this integration on/off, click the Activate Integration button.

Once enabled, your Autotask tickets will automatically be updated with the latest rating, sentiment, value, and comment.

Note: Currently, the Update conversation custom attribute integration only works for service tickets.

Revoking access

To completely revoke access and disable all integrations, click the Revoke Access button.

Need help?

Some of this may seem daunting if you're not an Autotask power user. We'd be happy to help walk you through the process, just let us know. πŸ˜ƒΒ 

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