Great news, we've just completed our first Autotask integration. We've also recently become an Autotask integration partner.

Once you authenticate with your account, the following integrations will be enabled:

Connect additional Autotask information

Each time your customer provides a rating, we'll do an API lookup and associate the following information with new feedback:

Perhaps the biggest value from this integration is being able to associate the Primary Resource as the feedback's Ticket Owner. Without the integrationactive, Simplesat can only gather the Autotask resource that closes the ticket.

Update service tickets with an internal note

Provide more transparency in your helpesk by displaying Simplesat feedback directly in tickets.

How to get started

Create an Autotask survey in SimpleSat if you haven't already. Once you do, head over to the Integrations tab and follow the instructions.

View Autotask Integration GuideĀ 

Send us your feedback and questions

Let us know how things go. You can reply to this mail, or chat directly in Simplesat.

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