SimpleSat's in Zapier!

The Zap app is currently in beta. We need your help to sign on as beta users and allow us to kick this puppy into production gear!

You can access your SimpleSat/Zapier invite link below:

After you accept the invite, you can start zapping away. Here's some more documentation on getting that setupĀ 

What you can do

Your SimpleSat feedback can now act as a trigger, creating actions in over 1000 different apps. The possibilities are endless!

For example:

After you receive new feedback in your SimpleSat account...

  • Send a message to a Slack channel
  • Add a Trello card to a dedicated CSAT board
  • Tag a contact in Infusionsoft
  • Update a contact in ConnectWise
  • Add the feedback to a Google Sheet
  • Send a text message
  • The list goes on...

What creative ways will you setup with SimpleSat feedback as a trigger?

Also new: Individual Feedback Pages

Sharing feedback just became a lot easier. Once you have a feedback popup open, just copy the URL and share with a friend or colleague.

For example, this popup:

Links to this individual page:

Pro Tip: Add /?publish=true at the end of a feedback URL to have it automatically publish once clicked!

I'm looking forward to working with you all on these new features. If you have any questions, issues or ideas please let me know. I would love to discuss further!

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