It's possible to send new SimpleSat feedback to an MS Teams channel through a Zapier webhook. Here's how it works.

Add a webhook to an MS Teams channel

  1. In Microsoft Teams, choose More options (⋯) next to the channel name and then choose Connectors.
  2. Scroll through the list of Connectors to Incoming Webhook, and choose Add.
  3. Enter a name for the webhook, upload an image to associate with data from the webhook, and choose Create.
  4. Copy the webhook to the clipboard and save it. You'll need the webhook URL for sending information to Microsoft Teams.
  5. Choose Done.

Create a new Zap

In your Zapier account, create a new Zap and choose SimpleSat as the trigger.

If you haven't added SimpleSat to your Zapier account yet, here's how to do that.

Choose Webhooks as the Action App.

Select the Post option.

Paste the webhook URL generated by your MS Teams channel.

Select Json as the Payload Type.

In the Data section, enter text as a key and then the message template you'd like to appear in your channel messages.

You can start with the suggested template below or build your own. 

*<{{Feedback ID}}|{{Rating}} rating>* from *{{Customer Name}}* at *{{Company Name}}*



• Subject: {{Ticket Subject}}
• Ticket: <{{Ticket ID}}|{{Ticket ID}}>
• Agent: {{Team Member}}

When you're finished, click Continue and test the Zap. You should instantly see the latest feedback from your SimpleSat account in your MS Teams channel.


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