We've been heads-down in the lab refining a new survey design. We're excited to finally launch this new design as an optional beta feature you can toggle on/off.

Check it out for yourself!

Why redesign the survey?

Great question. Two main reasons:

1. More engaging experience

We all know the bar is set pretty low for satisfaction surveys. Embarrassingly low.

We don't see why it needs to be that way. Instead of satisfaction surveys being a pain, why can't they actually be fun? Why can't they contribute to your customers leaving a survey with more respect for your company than they had before?

We don't see any reason that they can't!

This new redesign touches on more customization options, such as background color and choosing your rating image sets, as well as more interactive transitions that contribute to an overall more engaging experience.

2. Prepare for different survey types

Not every survey's the same. Some might have two questions, some only one, some 15. This new design sets us up to support a varying number of questions, metrics and styles. 

Give it a try

To turn on the new feature, head over to your survey's page and click the "Use new beta survey page design" checkbox:

Once you do, ratings will open up the new survey page. You don't need to update your embed code or anything.

To choose your background color, head over to Account Settings

📖 Here's some more information on choosing your logo and background color.

Let us know your feedback

We've love to hear your feedback about this new feature. If you have any issues or cool new ideas, please let us know. 

Thank you!


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