You can send new SimpleSat feedback to a Slack channel through Zapier. Here's how it works.

Create a new Zap

In your Zapier account, create a new Zap and choose SimpleSat as the trigger.

If you haven't added SimpleSat to your Zapier account yet, here's how to do that.

Choose SimpleSat as the Action App.

Choose Slack as the Trigger App

Choose Send Channel Message

Authenticate with your Slack account.

Setup the template

Choose the Channel Simplesat should send feedback to. We recommend setting up a new channel specifically for this purpose.

The Message Text field is where you can really customize things. You can start with the suggested template below or build your own. 

*<{{Feedback ID}}|{{Rating}} rating>* from *{{Customer Name}}* at *{{Company Name}}*



• Subject: {{Ticket Subject}}
• Ticket: <{{Ticket ID}}|{{Ticket ID}}>
• Agent: {{Team Member}}

Here's a Simplesat logo to use for the Bot Icon:

When you're finished, click Continue and test the Zap. You should instantly see the latest feedback from your SimpleSat account in your Slack channel.


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