We sure do! 🎉

Simplesat is an available datasource in BrightGauge. Here's an overview of how to connect.

It's also possible to use the Dropbox integration to export feedback and use a CSV file as a data source in BrightGauge. 

Connecting Simplesat with BrightGauge via Dropbox

Activate the Dropbox integration

Head over to the Integrations section and activate the Dropbox integration.

Once activated, Dropbox will update a CSV file with Simplesat feedback every 30 minutes.

Add a new dataset in BrightGauge

If you haven't already, add Dropbox as a data source.

Then, add a new dataset with simplesat_feedback.csv  as the file. 

You may need to manually map some field types. Here's what we recommend:

After you test the field types and successfully save, you should be good to go!

Creating gauges with Simplesat data

The CSV data should allow you to create just about any gauge you need. Here's how to create a "Progress Gauge" to display your company's CSAT score.

Create a new gauge and choose Simplesat Feedback as the source.

Choose the "Progress Gauge" type. Then add the field Positive as the metric. Choose the Average aggregation type.

Switch to the Design tab and change the formatting to use %.

Then, change the "Max" value to be 1 instead of 100.

That's it! 👍 You should have a shiny new gauge ready to report your CSAT score.

If you have any questions about using the data, just let us know, and we'll be happy to help. 

Have fun! 😄 

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