Simplesat surveys allow you to collect satisfaction feedback from your customers. You can create multiple surveys for different types of situations or areas of your business.

Survey types

There are two types of surveys: Embeddable and Email.


Embeddable surveys allow you to embed a question and rating options in other 3rd party apps, such as a helpdesk, email signature or website.

Examples of where to use an embeddable survey:

  • Helpdesk - Add rating buttons into your "solved" or "closed" support ticket email templates for ConnectWise, Zendesk, Autotask or other popular helpdesks.
  • Email - Include rating buttons in your (and your employee) Gmail or Outlook signatures to allow ay of your email recipients to rate your service.
  • Website - Have your website visitors rate an experience after completing a stage, such as a product checkout or onboarding process.

Email (beta)

Email surveys use the Simplesat platform to deliver emails to your customer. With an email survey you can customize the sender email address, subject line and email content.

Examples of when to use an email survey:

  • Quarterly NPS emails
  • Ask for a satisfaction rating after a project's complete
  • Ask for a satisfaction rating after a checkup or appointment

If you have any question about which type of survey's right for you just let us know and we'll be happy to help! 😃 

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