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Why do stats show some clicks without responses?
Why do stats show some clicks without responses?
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Some of your customers might have the software installed on their computer or network that automatically clicks links in emails. These bots are looking for malicious content. While this might be great for detecting malicious content, it poses an issue for email marketing systems and tools like Simplesat.

Simplesat detects these bots by requiring a piece of JavaScript code to be loaded when visitors view the survey web page. Most bots don't use a browser, so they aren't able to load this JavaScript.Β 

If the JavaScript isn't loaded, we flag the answer as spam.

If you see reports with clicks but no opens, it likely came from a bot.

It is possible for an actual customer to click a link in an email without Simplesat detecting an open. This can happen if users don't fully download images in an email. In that case, if they load the JavaScript on the survey page, the answer would be recorded.

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