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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are the surveys not sent automatically after a teammate or automation closed an Intercom conversation?
How can I pull the Simplesat data to Zendesk Explore
Can I change the delivery method of a survey?
How do I fix the garbled data in the CSV file that I exported?
Simplesat's roadmap 🚀
PowerBI - Your data source can't be refreshed because the credentials are invalid.
What is CES (Customer Effort Score)?
Is it possible to add the survey embeds to SharePoint Online?
Is it possible to pull the data from Simplesat to Looker, or any other business intelligence (BI) tool?
Is there a way to know how many surveys were sent from our helpdesk?
I'm getting a "There's no rating to provide at this URL." response error message when testing the survey.
How do I add a logo to my surveys?
Is it possible to only send emails to a customer only after they have created a certain number of Zendesk tickets?
Why is the deleted survey response in Simplesat still showing up in my BrightGauge account?
Is it possible to display two separate score widgets for two different surveys on two different websites?
How can I change my password?
How do I change a survey's name?
Simplesat legacy pricing plans
Outlook Best Practices
Is it possible to use my own survey icons/images?
Is it possible to have a customized survey background color?
Can I exclude certain tickets from Zendesk in getting surveys?
Is it possible to send satisfaction surveys via SMS/text?
Do you integrate with Zendesk chat?
Is it possible to send a survey after an opportunity is closed in Autotask CRM?
I'm getting error: "Email size cannot exceed 8192 bytes", when embedding the survey in Zendesk. How can I fix this?
Is it possible make follow-up and additional survey questions required?
Can I hide Simplesat branding from my surveys?
Can I change my email/username?
Why am I not receiving survey email notifications?
How can I change my company's name?
How do I create a Zendesk end-user if I use SSO?
How does Simplesat deal with spam feedback?
How secure is Simplesat?
Do you have an open API?
What is CSAT (Customer Satisfaction)?
How do you calculate survey response rates?
Can I remove the question that asks for the name and email in generic surveys?
Can I reverse the order of rating icons in my CSAT survey?
Can I choose custom DNS records if I already use SendGrid?
How do I change the billing email address?
Why do stats show some clicks without responses?
How can I access previous invoices?
Can I import feedback into Simplesat?
How can I edit an answer?
What is NPS (Net Promoter Score)?
What is withheld feedback?
Server location and IP addresses
How do I cancel my Simplesat account?
How do I troubleshoot anonymous or duplicate feedback?
Why am I not able to collect the customer email from CodeTwo surveys?
Bug Bounty Program
Is it possible to auto publish customer feedback?
What's the difference between "Users" and "Team members"?
What is a 5-star rating?