We're constantly building and enhancing features so that you can get the most out of Simplesat!

If you have any ideas on how Simplesat could be more valuable for you, please don't hesitate to let us know by submitting ideas at our public roadmap. We're all ears. 👂

🚀 Launched

✔️ Add tags to survey responses
✔️ Adding filters on the Feedback page
✔️ Change the rating or the team member associated with the response
✔️ View response changes and audit user activity
✔️ Viewing survey responses
✔️ Use member with most time entered as team member
✔️ More filtering options in survey insights page
✔️ BrightGauge Integration
✔️ Add answer details to Autotask custom fields
✔️ Add answer details to ConnectWise custom fields
✔️ Import and sync Intercom users
✔️ Import customers through CSV upload
✔️ Integrate with Infusionsoft (KEAP)
✔️ Link directly to the first question of a survey

...and a lot more to come! 😉 

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