Zero in on the feedback you’re looking for with the new and improved date and attribute filters. These filters can be applied before exporting feedback to CSV to create powerful business reports. 

You can now add filters for Survey, Rating Value, Sentiment, Team member, Ticket ID, Customer, IP address, Tags, or any custom ticket or customer attributes that you have synced. 

Adding filters

Head over to the Feedback page  and click on + Add a filter.  Select the field value that you'd like to view.

Including multiple fields in the same filter

If a filter includes multiple fields, Simplesat will use an "or" condition. For example, the screenshot below shows the results for answers with customers "Cory Brown" and/or "Bilbo Baggins"

Bookmarking and sharing filters

Each filter has a unique URL that you can bookmark or share to other Simplesat users of your account. 

To get the URL, just create your desired filter, then copy the text in the address bar:

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