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Branding design and customization
Branding design and customization
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Band settings dictate the look and feel of your surveys in your Simplesat account.

Customizing a brand

To edit brand settings in your account, head over to the Brands page.

Your account starts with a default brand with the name of your company.

Basic styling

Basic styling options include:

  • Logo - Accepts jpeg, png, and gif file types. Try to avoid a tall vertical logo, so it doesn't get squished too much. Wide rectangle dimensions generally look better at the top of a survey and we'd recommend uploading a logo image with 400x200 dimensions to appear crisper, especially when viewed on mobile.

  • Background color - The background color. Generally, it's best to choose a color that won't be too distracting from your main survey's content.

  • Wallpaper - Patterns that display on top of whatever background color you choose. The default first option is no wallpaper.

  • Accent color - This color is used for buttons, borders around multiple choice questions when hovered, and the horizontal bar of the sliding scale question type.

  • Font - Choose from a variety of Google Fonts.

Custom CSS (Pro and up)

Custom CSS gives you full control over your web survey's styling, including background images, button colors, fonts, and all the other little things that make your brand unique.

Web survey display URL (Pro and up)

Host mapping allows you to display any domain of your choice when respondents visit your web survey.

Managing multiple brands (Pro and up)

Users on the Pro plan can have unlimited brands in their Simplesat account. This gives you the opportunity to have surveys with different designs and logos without having to manage multiple Simplesat accounts.

Create a new brand

To create a new brand, head over to the Brands page and click the big blue button.

New brands will be added to the bottom of the list. You can edit each brand's settings by expanding the accordion.

Note: It currently isn't possible to remove brands through the UI. Please send us a message if you'd like us to help clean anything up.

Mapping a survey with a brand

After you have at least one new brand created, edit one of your surveys and navigate to the Configure tab.

In the Brand mapping section, you'll find a dropdown with a list of all available brands.

Choose your desired brand and save the page. Your survey will now use the design settings from the brand you've mapped.

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