Web survey host mapping
Host mapping is used to map one of your own domain names to a Simplesat survey
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Host mapping is a feature available only for users on the Pro plan.

Host mapping allows you to display any domain of your choice when respondents visit your web survey.

These settings are managed in the Brands section of your account.

To view a brand's current URL set for host mapping, select the brand and check the value set for "Web survey display URL".

Changing the display URL

Changing the URL currently requires some back and forth with the Simplesat team.

Here's the process:

  1. Send us a message that you're interested in this feature and the desired URL you'd like to map your survey to. (This will usually be survey.yourcompany.com, but it could be any subdomain or URL that you own)

  2. We'll reply with the necessary DNS instructions for you to add.

  3. You'll need to update your DNS records and let us know when it's complete.

  4. We'll verify the records are correct and set it live!

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