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How to send a customer a survey once per week maximum in Zendesk
How to send a customer a survey once per week maximum in Zendesk
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This is a frequent inquiry that I get on demo calls with clients. How to add a cool-down period for contacts that may submit many tickets within a single week in order to avoid over-surveying these contacts.

Here's how you can set up a set of triggers and automations in Zendesk to ensure your surveys only survey each contact once per week maximum.

  1. Add a custom user field for tracking if a survey was sent or not. This will be the main target of our conditions and actions for sending a survey.

  2. Add/edit the trigger that sends out the Simplesat survey and include a condition to prevent sending to the contact based on the tracking field

  3. Include an action to update the tracking field after the survey is sent

  4. Add an automation to reset the tracking field and to enable surveys to send to that contact after the time specified in the Ticket: Hours since solved condition.

  5. Finally, test out the new business rule setup to make sure everything is working properly.

    1. To test effectively without affecting production clients, I recommend:

      1. Adding a test tag condition in your trigger that sends the survey

      2. Setting the Reset automation Hours since solved condition to Greater than 1 hour

    2. Create a new ticket, add the tag condition and then update the ticket to solved and make sure a survey is sent out and the custom contact field is updated

      Ticket tags after survey is marked as solved (I use my name as my tag condition for testing):

      Contact sidebar when ticket is marked as solved and a survey is sent out:

    3. Create another test ticket under the same contact, add the test tag and mark it as solved.

      You can check the event log in Zendesk to see what triggers/emails sent after the ticket was marked as solved. If everything is setup correctly there should be no survey sending events afterwards:

      You can also check your email to see if any emails were sent if the contact on the ticket is an email address you have access to.

    4. Wait for 1 hour and check and verify that the custom contact tracking field is reset to the sending condition. Which in my case is for the Survey sent this week checkbox to be unchecked

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