Zapier integration

Automate actions between Simplesat and over 1,000 different apps

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With Zapier, you can use Simplesat feedback as triggers to automate tasks in your favorite apps.

Triggers and Actions are events that happen in the different software tools you use. A Zap combines a trigger from one tool with action in another β€” whenever the trigger event occurs, Zapier automatically completes the action for you.

Some popular use cases include:

  • Send new feedback to a Slack channel

  • Add a Trello card to a dedicated survey board

  • Tag a contact in Infusionsoft

  • Update a contact in ConnectWise

  • Add the feedback to a Google Sheet

  • Send a text message

The possibilities are endless! πŸš€


Additional questions

You can insert data from any question in your Simplesat account.

The fields format is: [Survey name] / [Question text] / Field name

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