Managing call to action buttons

Get more 5-star reviews by sending satisfied customers to your pages around the web

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When your customer takes time to provide feedback, they're giving you their attention (even if for a brief period of time).ย 

You can capitalize on the moment of attention by asking them to provide a good review on a site like Google+ or Facebook. Or, if they leave negative feedback, you can send them to a channel to contact you directly, such as scheduling a time to call, or contact form.

How it works

In your survey's Config settings, you can add and manage call to action buttons for each type of rating.ย 

For example, if a customer leaves a positive review, you can send them to Google+ and Facebook pages. If they leave a neutral or negative review, you can send them to a page that allows them to schedule a phone call.

Adding and managing call to action buttons

To add a button, check the box you'd like to use and fill in the link.ย 

Once you do, the checked button will display on your thank you page. ๐Ÿ†ย 

Note: You can use a different call to action buttons based on the rating sentiment.

Getting your review links

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