Simplesat allows you to create a CSAT or NPS survey that you can embed directly in Accelo email notifications templates.

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Create your survey

First, create a new survey. 

Customize the survey settings to your heart's desires. 😁 Then, choose the Integrate with another tool option in the Publish tab.

Select Accelo in the pop-up box.

Click the Generate Embed Code button. Make sure you're on the HTML option, then click Copy survey.

Accelo email placeholders

These are automatically included when you generate a Accelo survey embed code, but here they are just in case. 😉

Team Member Email

Team Member ID


Team Member First Name


Team Member Last Name


Customer Email


Customer ID

Customer First Name


Customer Last Name


Company Name


Ticket ID


Ticket Subject


Custom ticket fields

Department, Location, Priority, etc.







Ticket type


Ticket status


Add your survey to Accelo

Head over to your Accelo account and navigate to the Settings (gear icon) > Tickets > Types, Progressions & Fields.

Under Status Progressions section, click Ticket Resolved Actions > Ticket Closed Notification.

On the Edit Activity Action page, click the Source code icon in the toolbar.

Paste the HTML code that you copied from your Simplesat account to where you'd like the question to appear and click Ok.

You may find that the rating images having borders, like this:

To fix this, click the Source code icon, and add this declaration to each icon's style attributes:


Once you're happy with how the survey looks, click Ok and Save the status.

Try it out!

Create a test ticket with yourself as the requester. Check your email and click any rating that you like. Once you do, new feedback should instantly show up in your Simplesat dashboard. 🎊

Note: The Staff Member access in Accelo do not, or are not allowed to get emails from Accelo, so you'd need to test the survey using different access (normal user access). Otherwise, the information wouldn't populate in the survey.

If you run into any issues let us know and we'll be happy to help troubleshoot. 🙌

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