Once enabled, this integration does two things: 

  1. Perform an initial import of all contacts

  2. Sync every 24 hours, adding any new contacts, and updating any changed contacts

Simplesat currently syncs the following fields:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address

  • Company

  • Contact Active

  • Contact Type

  • Contact Unsubscribe

  • Company Status

  • Company Type

  • Company Territory


  • Simplesat uses email address as a customer's unique identifier. If your ConnectWise account contains multiple contacts with the same email, we'll save the first one found.

  • If a contact is associated with multiple email addresses, Simplesat will look for the default option. You can configure this in "Communication Defaults" in contact settings.

How to setup

Head over to Integrations and choose the Sync ConnectWise contacts option.

Authenticate with your ConnectWise credentials, then click Enable Customer Sync.

After you enable the sync, Simplesat will begin importing contacts. You can leave the page logout of your account; Simplesat will continue to import in the background. 

Note: Imports may take several hours at peak times and depending on the number of contacts in your system. 

Viewing imported contacts

To check if a contacts in your Simplesat account, go to the Customers section. 

You can search for a customer by name or email address.

You can view the synced details in the customer's sidebar:

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