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Send Simplesat ratings back to Autotask custom fields
Send Simplesat ratings back to Autotask custom fields

Sync rating details with Autotask's User-Defined Fields (UDFs)

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Once enabled, your Autotask tickets will automatically be updated with the latest rating sentiment, value, and comment.

Activating the integration

To active, head over to the Publish > Embed settings for an Autotask survey.

In the integrations section, choose the "Update custom fields in Autotask" setting. 

Choose the fields you'd like to map answer details to.

After you've authenticated with your Autotask account, Simplesat will lookup and display your custom fields.

Only certain field types are available to map for each Simplesat answer field:

  • Rating: Numeric 

  • Sentiment: List (single select) (Positive, Neutral, Negative)

  • Comment: Text (Multi-Line) 

If you don't see your custom fields:

  • Try resyncing fields

  • Check the permissions to make sure the API user has access to view custom fields

Creating new custom fields

Go to Admin > Features & Settings > Application-Wide (Shared) Features > User-Defined Fields

Select the Tickets tab.

You should see a screen similar to the one in the screenshot below.

Create three new custom fields:

Simplesat Sentiment

  • Name - Simplesat Sentiment 

  • Field Type - List (single select)

  • Active - Checked 

Option Values:

  • Positive 

  • Neutral 

  • Negative 

Simplesat Comment

  • Name - Simplesat Comment 

  • Field Type - Text (Multi-Line) 

  • Active - Checked 

Simplesat Rating

  • Field Caption - Simplesat Rating 

  • Field Type - Numeric 

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