Adding filters based on your customer's attributes allows you to generate powerful reports for quarterly business reports (QBRs) or internal usage.

You can add filters for Company, Customer, Team member, or any custom customer or ticket attributes you have synced.

Adding filters

Open any survey insights page in your account and choose the "+ Add filter" button. Choose a field, then the value that the filter should match.

Including multiple fields in the same filter

If a filter includes multiple fields, Simplesat will use an "or" condition. For example, in the screenshot below, the data will show results for answers with team members "Pierre-Emmanuel Mol" and/or "Adam Selley"

Bookmarking and sharing filters

Each filter has a unique URL that can be shared (only with logged-in Simplesat users) or bookmarked. 

To get the URL, just create your desired filter, then copy the text in the address bar:

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