Adding filters based on your customer's attributes allows you to generate powerful reports for quarterly business reports (QBRs) or internal usage.

Work in progress 👷 

This feature is still being developed. Below are the current limitations and known issues:

  • Email and Company are the only fields available
  • "contains" is the only operator available. Future versions will have more such as "is", "is not", "does not contain" etc.
  • A field can only be used for one filter. For example, you can't have two "company" filters. (see workaround for "or" conditions below)

If you notice any issues or have any requests, please let us know. We would love to work with you to make this feature better!

Adding filters

Open any survey insights page in your account and choose the "+ Add filter" button"

Choose a field, then the value that the filter should match.

Including multiple values in the same filter

Let's say you want to see results for either Company 1 or Company 2. To do so, include both values in the same rule, separated by two pipe bars (||)

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