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Using charts and graphs on insights reporting pages
Using charts and graphs on insights reporting pages
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Each Simplesat survey comes with a unique reporting page for you to view metrics and insights about your results.

90-day moving average line chart

The line chart displays the 90-day moving average for your CSAT or NPS score. By default, the chart shows 90 days worth of data, but you can extend that timeframe using the date range picker at the top of the page. 

Regardless of the timeframe chosen, the chart will always show the 90-day moving average. (average all scores from the current date and 90 days prior)

Ratings over time column chart

The column chart is useful to visually see the count of ratings over time. 

Group data by date range

Select Day, Week, Month, or Quarter from the dropdown to categorize data. Not that Day or Week might be disabled for longer time periods. 

Toggle sentiments 

Click Positive, Neutral, or Negative labels in the legend to toggle their visibility in the  chart. 

Click chart data to reveal drilldown

Click any area in the chart to reveal a drilldown popup with answers specific to that data point.

Rating distribution donut chart 

The donut chart gives you a quick visualization of ratings by sentiment in the set date range. 

Click any segment in the donut chart to launch the answers drilldown.

Leaderboard tables

There are three different leaderboard tables for you to view data by Customer, Company, or Team member.

Click the %, Positive, Neutral, or Negative icons at the top of each table to sort by that column.

Click any number in the table to launch the answers drilldown.

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