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Open tickets directly in your helpdesk
Open tickets directly in your helpdesk
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When enabled, ticket IDs in Simplesat will turn into links pointing directly to the ticket in your helpdesk.

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Enabling the feature

Head over to your Simplesat account and navigate to Manage Surveys > Find the survey that you'd like to edit and click Edit > Configure page > Ticket URL prefix

The "ticket URL prefix" is the link to tickets in your helpdesk, minus the actual ticket ID.

Example ticket URL prefixes for popular helpdesks:




Autotask (note that you need to enter your zone ID at the beginning of the URL)




Opening tickets in new windows

If a survey has the URL prefix saved, ticked IDs in your Simplesat account automatically turn into links that will open the ticket in a new window. 

Response popup in the feedback section

Answers drill down in the survey insights section

Survey notification emails

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