Simplesat allows you to create a CSAT or NPS survey that you can embed directly in Salesforce email notifications.

Create your survey

First, create a new survey.

Customize the survey settings, then choose the Integrate with another tool option in the Publish section and select Generic Embed in the pop-up box.

Enter Salesforce's placeholders into the fields:

Salesforce email placeholders:

  • Team Member Email - {!relatedTo.Owner.Email}
  • Team Member ID - {!relatedTo.Owner.Id}
  • Team Member First Name - {!relatedTo.Owner.FirstName}
  • Team Member Last Name - {!relatedTo.Owner.LastName}
  • Customer Email - {!relatedTo.Contact.Email}
  • Customer ID - {!relatedTo.Contact.Id}
  • Customer First Name - {!relatedTo.Contact.FirstName}
  • Customer Last Name - {!relatedTo.Contact.LastName}
  • Company Name - {!relatedTo.Account.Name}
  • Ticket ID - {!relatedTo.Id}
  • Ticket Subject - {!relatedTo.Subject}

Note: The placeholders listed above are for Visualforce Email Templates in Salesforce Classic.

Once you have the placeholders filled in, click Generate Embed Code. Make sure you're on the HTML option, then click Copy survey.

Add your survey to Salesforce

In your Salesforce account, click on Setup then type Classic Email on the Quick Find/Search

Click on Classic Email Templates > New Template > Visualforce

Select the appropriate folder and enter the name. description and subject line for the email template then click on Next

For the email content, change the messaging:plainTextEmailBody to messaging:htmlEmailBody for both the opening tag and the closing tag. Your empty template should now look like this:

Now we are ready to paste in the HTML survey embed and add whatever other content is appropriate for your notification email.

If you're getting this error when trying to save the notification template:

You need to add the </img> end tag on every section that contains the <img> as, by default, the survey embed code doesn't contain this tag.

If you're getting this error when trying to save the notification template:

You need to add relatedToType="Case"> on the first line for the survey email template that will be associated with a case.

Try it out!

Create a test ticket with yourself as the requester. Check your email and click any rating that you like. Once you do, new feedback should instantly show up in your Simplesat dashboard. 🎊

If you run into any issues let us know and we'll be happy to help troubleshoot. 🙌

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