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Creating or updating customers through the API
Creating or updating customers through the API
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If you use a CRM that Simplesat doesn't integrate with yet, it's still possible to sync your customers through the API.

You can use this single POST endpoint for both creating and updating:

The customer's email address is used as the key. Include that in the body along with any other fields that should be created or updated.Β 

For example, in the screenshot below, the API will create or update a Simplesat customer with the email [email protected].Β 

Any custom_attribute fields that didn't previously exist will be created.

To automate syncs, you can use a tool like Zapier's custom webhooks. This gets pretty technical, but it's all possible if you know what you're doing. πŸ€“

If you need any help at all just reach out to the Simplesat team. πŸ‘

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