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Integrating Simplesat with Make
Integrating Simplesat with Make

Effortlessly enhance your workflow by seamlessly integrating Simplesat with Make.

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With Make, you can create or update customer records and sync Simplesat feedback to automate processes.

Some popular use cases include:

  • Send Telegram message when Simplesat feedback is received.

  • Sync new Mailchimp subscribers to Simplesat.

  • Sync new LiveAgent customers to Simplesat.

  • Create Trello cards upon receiving Simplesat feedback.

The possibilities are endless! πŸš€

Get your Simplesat API key

Login to Simplesat, hover over the gear icon (βš™οΈ) near your profile, and choose Account Settings.

On the Account settings page, click the Account Key and copy your API key.

​Note: Only users with Owner or Admin role can view the Account Key.

Connect Simplesat to Make

Head over to your Make account, and add a module from Simplesat into a Make scenario.

In your Make account, navigate to Scenarios > click the +Create a new scenario button.

On the scenario page, click the + icon, search for Simplesat, choose the desired scenario, and click the Create a connection button. Enter the API key copied from your Simplesat account and save.

To verify the Simplesat connection with Make, go to Connections > click Verify.

Explore ready-made scenario templates by visiting the Templates section and searching for Simplesat in the public templates.

If you run into any issues or have questions, feel free to reach out, and we'll be glad to assist. πŸ™Œ

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