By default, Simplesat embed codes contain top ticket and team member data, such as the ticket ID, team member email, or customer. 

It's possible to take advantage of additional fields you want to sync by inserting custom parameters in your rating URLs.

Here's how it works

You can see the fields your rating links are collecting in the parameters (stuff after the ? character in a URL).

For example, the rating link below contains the following parameters:[email protected] 

To add any custom fields, use the t_FIELD  prefix for fields that should be associated with the ticket, and tm_FIELD  prefix for fields that should be associated with the team member.

For example, let's say your helpdesk has a "Channel" field associated with tickets that could be values like phone, chat, email, or api. You could include a new parameter t_channel={{}} to send that information along to Simplesat. 

Working off the URL in above, the new link would look like this:[email protected]&t_channel={{}} 

You'll know it's working when responses include your custom fields in the popup details:

If you need any help with this at all, just start a chat with the Simplesat team and we'll be more than happy to help!

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