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Setting up notifications and summaries in Slack
Setting up notifications and summaries in Slack

Send survey notifications to Slack channels

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This integration uses Slack's Incoming Webhook feature. After you create a webhook in Slack, Simplesat will be able to send notifications and summaries to any channel of your choice.

Message types

The following types of messages are available:

Instant notification

  • Positive rating with comment

  • Positive rating without a comment

  • Neutral rating with comment

  • Neutral rating without a comment

  • Negative rating with comment

  • Negative rating without a comment


  • Weekly

  • Monthly

How to set it up

Head over to the Integrations page and choose Slack from the list.

Click Add new channel

Give the channel a friendly name. This is just so you can remember which channel the Webhook belongs to.

Generate an Incoming Webhook URL in your Slack account, then paste in the field and click Save settings.

After you add a Webhook URL, you'll see a list of all surveys in your account.

Please note: If it's a private channel the user/app the integration is under will need to have access to the channel in order to post the notification.

You can configure which types of instant notifications to receive, as well as weekly or monthly summary reports.

Instant notifications are sent 5 minutes after a response is received. (OK, so they're not really instant πŸ˜…, but this time delay is to allow your end users time to finish their survey before we send the information onward)

Weekly summary reports are sent Monday morning at 9am ETD. Monthly summary reports are sent on the first of each month at 9am ETD.

Creating a webhook

Create a new webhook in Slack here:

In your Slack account, you'll have the option to choose a channel, then add the integration:

In the integration settings, add Simplesat as the name, and upload the logo icon:

You can download the Simplesat logo icon here:

If you have any questions at all just let us know. We'd love to listen to any issues or feedback you have! πŸ‘‚

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