To download survey reports, click the Download PDF button on any survey insights page.

The PDF will look something like this:

The report contains the following elements:

  • Survey name
  • Date range
  • Filters (if any set)
  • Stats - score, positive, neutral, negative
  • % change compared to last time series
  • 90 day moving average line chart
  • Ratings over time column chart
  • Company leaderboard
  • Customer leaderboard
  • Team member leaderboard
  • Feedback

Notes and known issues:

  • Leaderboards currently show max 100 entries
  • Languages with non-Roman alphabet characters might look messed up

Features still in development or under consideration:

  • Override headline with custom text (currently displays survey name)
  • Choose which sections are displayed
  • Choose how many leaderboard rows to display
  • Group feedback by sentiment
  • Start new sections on separate pages
  • Display account logo somewhere

If you have any other ideas or feedback please let us know. We'd love to listen!

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