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Creating ConnectWise activities after receiving Simplesat ratings
Creating ConnectWise activities after receiving Simplesat ratings
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After you've enabled Simplesat's custom field integration for ConnectWise, you can take advantage of ConnectWise's workflow rules features to automate common tasks.

For example, you can:

  • Create an activity after a rating is received

  • Reopen a ticket after receiving a negative rating

  • Send an email to team leads after receiving a negative or neutral rating

In ConnectWise, head over to Setup Tables > Workflow Rules.

The end result will look something like this:

Here's how to get there:

Create a name and choose Service Tickets as the table reference. Location, Business Unit, and Service Board are optional if you'd like to filter the conditions a bit more.

Create a new event

You'll likely be able to create a single event to avoid any complex operators or grouping by parentheses.

Here's how it would look for an event to trigger after a ticket is found with a "Negative" sentiment custom field value:

Or, the rule Simplesat Rating is < 4 will trigger for all negative and neutral ratings:

After you create the rule, you can click the TEST button to see how many tickets match your search criteria. (you'll want to create a few test tickets that include custom field values before you test this)

Create a new Action

Choose the action type. For this example, we'll be creating an activity.

Here's how it would look to create the activity for the Account Mgr assigned to the company associated with the ticket.

You can choose other fields such as the activity type, or status.

Activating your workflow

When you're done with the events and actions, click Activate at the top of the page.

  • The minimum recommended frequency for on-premises partners is 5 minutes.

  • The cloud partners' workflow rules are limited to run every 10 minutes.

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