This error message might be caused by the following reasons:

The survey has been archived or deleted

Check your Simplesat account to make sure the survey is active.

The rating URL is incomplete

For instance, you'll get the error message if you navigate straight to

Rating URLs must start with and include additional information in order to connect it with the right rating and survey.

Here's an example of a valid URL:

The rating URL contains invalid characters

This usually happens if a placeholder from your helpdesk hasn't been generated properly.

For example, if the ticket ID placeholder in your helpdesk was {{}}, the following rating URL would result in an error:

This error commonly comes up during testing. Make sure to test with an actual test ticket rather than relying on the email notifications preview feature. This will ensure that a ticket ID is generated when you click the rating.

When testing the survey that you've added to your helpdesk software, you'd need to create a test ticket instead of using the test email option in your software. Otherwise, you'll get a "There's no rating to provide at this URL." response error message as the ticket placeholder isn't mapped to a ticket ID.

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