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Integrating Simplesat surveys with SugarCRM. Authenticate with SugarCRM's API to enable deep integrations.

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Although the integrations below are not required to collect satisfaction feedback from tickets, we still recommend setting them up so you can take full advantage of Sugar CRM's ticket workflows and business rules.

Authenticating with SugarCRM

Head over to your Simplesat account and access the SugarCRM integration page.

You'll need to authenticate your Sugar CRM account before installing any integration. Don't worry, you only need to do this once. πŸ˜‰

It'll ask you for some information, fill in the following:

Username: your username

Password: your password

Domain: Copy the URL for your Sugar instance. ex: Don't include 'https://' and the '/' at the end.

Then click Authenticate.

SugarCRM should now be authenticated with Simplesat.

Creating custom fields in SugarCRM

Simplesat will send data back to custom fields in SugarCRM.

Fields can be created under any module, but for Simplesat's integrations they're only needed under contacts or cases (or both).

Depending on which integration you'd like to use pick either contacts or cases in the steps below.

To set up custom fields you need to be an admin in SugarCRM.

First, click your profile picture in the top right corner and then click admin.

Then go to Studio > Contacts or Cases > Fields > Add field.

For cases you'll need to create 3 fields. For contacts you'll need to create 5.

Use these settings and leave all other settings the default:


Data type: TextField

Field name: simplesat_rating

Display label: Simplesat rating

Data type: TextField

Field name: simplesat_sentiment

Display label: Simplesat sentiment

Data type: TextField

Field name: simplesat_comment

Display label: Simplesat comment

Max size: 1000


Data type: Integer

Field name: latest_simplesat_csat_rating

Display label: Latest Simplesat CSAT rating

Data type: Integer

Field name: latest_simplesat_nps_rating

Display label: Latest Simplesat NPS rating

Data type: Integer

Field name: latest_simplesat_ces_rating

Display label: Latest Simplesat CES rating

Data type: Integer

Field name: latest_simplesat_fivestar_rating

Display label: Latest Simplesat 5-star rating

Data type: TextField

Field name: latest_simplesat_sentiment

Display label: Latest Simplesat sentiment

After the fields are created go back to Admin > Studio > Contacts or Cases > Layouts > Record view and drag a new row into your record.

Next, drag the Simplesat rating, sentiment and comment onto your new row.

Your record should look something like this:

When you're done click save & deploy.

The fields should now show up under all your contacts or cases.

Update SugarCRM contact/cases custom fields with Simplesat feedback

Simplesat can update custom fields of a contact or cases with the related feedback.

For a contact this will be their latest feedback.

For a case this will be the feedback related to that case.

Here's an example of how a case will look in SugarCRM:

And here's an example of how a contact will look in SugarCRM:

To set this up you'll first need to create custom fields on either cases or contacts, or both.

After that's done, go back to the SugarCRM integrations page.

Authenticate if you haven't done so already, then scroll down to the integration which you'd like to use and click Activate integration.

Add note to contact/case in SugarCRM after receiving feedback in Simplesat

Simplesat can sync feedback back to the related contact or case in SugarCRM as a note.

Here's an example of how this will look in SugarCRM:

Scroll down to the integration you would like to use and click activate integration.

Pull ticket details from SugarCRM and sync to Simplesat

Each time your customer provides a rating, Simplesat will associate the following information with the response.


Data collected


ID, Subject, Priority, Type, URL, Number, Source

Requester (Customer)

Name, ID, Company

Responder (Agent)

Name, ID

All information gathered through the API will override fields sent through URL parameters.

Here's an example of how this will look in Simplesat:

Scroll down to pull ticket details and click activate integration.

Display feedback rating and sentiment in case tags

Simplesat can sync feedback rating and sentiment back to the related case in SugarCRM.

Here's an example of how this will look in SugarCRM:

Scroll down to Display feedback rating and sentiment in case tags and click activate integration.

Need help?

These integrations are still in beta, so if you have any questions, find any issues, or have any feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team, and we'll be happy to help.

Have fun! πŸ˜‰

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