Geckoboard integrations

Integrating Simplesat surveys with Geckoboard. Authenticate with Geckoboard's API to enable deep integrations.

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The integrations below will allow you to send Simplesat survey data to Geckoboard.

Authenticating with Geckoboard

First look up your Geckoboard API key by logging into Geckoboard, clicking your initials in the top right corner and clicking account.

On the account details screen, scroll down and look for API key towards the bottom of the page.

Click the authenticate button and fill in your Geckoboard API key.

Geckoboard should now be authenticated in Simplesat.

Troubleshooting tips:

  • Our servers are located in Ireland. If you're having an issue connecting, you may need to add that country to your firewall's filter.

  • You may also need to whitelist Simplesat's IP addresses. You can find them here.

  • If you still can't authenticate, please send a message to the Simplesat team and we can troubleshoot together.

Sync feedback to Geckoboard dataset

Simplesat can append survey data to a geckoboard dataset.

To set this up in Simplesat, go to the geckoboard integrations page in simplesat.

Scroll down and click the configure integrations button.

Authenticate with Geckoboard if you haven't done so already, then under survey integrations > Sync feedback to Geckoboard Dataset click activate integration.

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