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Report views in Simplesat's Reports section streamline the process of analyzing data through an interactive pivot table builder.

Starting from a 'Report workspace'—a blank pivot table without filters—users can apply filters and adjustments to tailor their analysis. Once the setup meets their requirements, it can be saved as a Report view for future use, saving significant time for repetitive reporting tasks.

Creating or saving a view

To create or save a Report view:

  • In the Report workspace, apply your desired filters or adjustments to the pivot table.

  • Click Save filters to see two options:

    • Save changes to the existing view updates your current configuration.

    • Create new view saves the setup under a new name.

Your views will be listed in the left sidebar under Report views, making them easily accessible.

Note: In your Simplesat account, views are shared globally. This means that any view you create can be seen by all users on your account.

Editing and deleting views

Report views are meant to be edited and deleted as your reporting needs change:

  • To edit a view, adjust the filters or pivot table setup, click Save filters, and choose to update the existing view.

  • To delete a view no longer needed, go to the left sidebar, click the three-dot menu for the view, and select Delete view.

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