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Create a ConnectWise API Member
Create a ConnectWise API Member

How to create a ConnectWise API member.

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Create a new ConnectWise API Member to authenticate with Simplesat, and take advantage of survey integrations.

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Creating a Member

In your ConnectWise account, navigate to System > Members.

Then, click the API Members tab > click the + icon to create a new member.

Enter the required information to create the new member. For License Class, choose API. Then, click Save.

Note: Make sure that the Member that you just created has Member Access to the Service Board.

Generate an API Key

After you've created the new member, click the API Keys tab > click the + icon to create a new key.

You can name the description Simplesat Integration, then click the Save icon. Once you do, you can copy your Public and Private Keys

Make sure to save the Private Key somewhere, it cannot be accessed after you close this page! 😮 

Configure security roles 

You can use the Admin role by default, or create a custom security role for more granular settings. 

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