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Creating a custom security role for ConnectWise members
Creating a custom security role for ConnectWise members
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You might want to use a custom security role for the API member authenticating with your Simplesat account if you want control over more granular permissions. 

Creating a new role

Head over to System > Security Roles in your ConnectWise Manage account

Choose to create a new role, or edit an existing one. If you're creating a new role, you can name it Simplesat

Editing access levels

Once you create a new role, you can choose the access level for each individual module in your ConnectWise account. 

For each module, you can configure access for Add, Edit, Delete, and Inquire levels. 

We recommend the following minimum settings for Simplesat to work best with your ConnectWise account. 

Choose "All" for the settings listed below:


  • Company Maintenance - Inquire

  • Contacts - Inquire

  • Notes - Add, Edit, Inquire

  • Surveys - Add, Edit, Inquire

  • Team Members - Edit, Inquire


  • Project Tickets - Edit, Inquire

Service Desk

  • Service Tickets - Edit, Inquire


  • API Reports - Add, Edit, Inquire

  • Member Maintenance - Inquire

  • My Company - Inquire

  • Security Roles - Inquire

  • Table Setup - Edit, Inquire

Time & Expense

  • Time Entry - Inquire

Troubleshooting issues

Sometimes, Simplesat and ConnectWise integrations can work even without some of the settings mentioned above. However, there might be cases where specific settings need to be configured for certain integrations to function properly.

If you encounter any problems with the integration, check the security role settings. These settings might need to be enabled for certain features to work correctly. For instance, if member names aren't importing accurately into Simplesat, you may need to enable the Member Maintenance settings in the System module.

If the integrations still don't work, check the custom user's Member Access for any restricted boards.

If you need further assistance, enabling the Table Setup setting will allow us to help troubleshoot any issues.

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