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Creating a custom security role for Autotask resources
Creating a custom security role for Autotask resources
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You might want to use a custom security role for the API member authenticating with your Simplesat account if you want control over more granular permissions. 

Creating a new role

Head over to Admin > Account Settings & Users > Resources/Users (HR) > Security Levels in your Autotask account

Find and copy the existing API User security level

Editing access levels

Once you create a new role, you can choose the access level for each individual feature/section in your Autotask account. 

For each module you can configure access for View, Add, Edit, and Delete levels. 

We recommend the following minimum settings for Simplesat to work best with your Autotask account. 

Service Desk

  • Tickets - View (All), Edit

  • Ticket Notes - Edit


  • Resources/Users (HR) - View

  • Accounts & Contacts - View


  • Account - View

Web Services API

  • Can login to Web Services API

Troubleshooting issues

Note that many integrations between Simplesat and Autotask will work without some of the above settings allowed. There also might be future integrations that require additional settings to be configured.

If you run into an issue where part of an integration isn't working, the security levels settings are a good place to look to see if something needs to be enabled. For example, if resource names aren't correctly being imported into Simplesat, you may need to enable the Resources/Users (HR) settings in the Admin section. 

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