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Importing customers via CSV file
Importing customers via CSV file
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Importing customers through a CSV file allows you to take advantage of Simplesat's Email delivery channels

Preparing your import file

Head over to the Customers page and click Import customers.

To make sure data is imported correctly, we recommend starting our CSV template. You can find the link to download in the import popup, or get it here.

Working with the template CSV file

The template file looks like this:

Rows A-D (First Name - Company) will connect to core system data. Do not add columns or change the order of these columns - Simplesat looks at the column order to determine the field. (ie "Last Name" must be the second column)

The Email field is required. All other fields are optional and can be left blank.

Custom attributes

You can include custom attributes with each customer record to use as rules for your audience.Β 

Any data you include to the right of column D (Company) will be added as custom attributes.

Simplesat will look to the value in the header row to determine if the custom attribute exists. If it does, the existing record will be updated, if it doesn't a new custom attribute will be created.

The example below shows three custom attributes set: Person type , Company status , User role.

Note: The CSV file needs to be saved using UTF-8 character encoding to make it work.

Importing customers

When ready, upload your CSV list through the import popup.Β 

After you click Upload the import will begin. You'll receive an email after the import is complete.

Import review

The import review step will display any rows skipped due to invalid or missing email addresses.

You'll also see a preview of all fields that will be imported. Click the refresh icon at the top right corner of the preview table to cycle through data from your import.

Tag imported customers

The last step gives you a chance to tag the customers you're importing. By default, each import contains a tag of the date and time of the import.

You can add any custom tags here as well.

Why tag customers?

Tagging customers is especially useful if you're sending emails via Simplesat. You can use tags as an audience rule, making it easy to target customers from a specific import.

Viewing imported customers

To check the data you imported, refresh the customers page and choose the customer you'd like to view.

You can see their details in the left column, including custom attributes.

Updating existing customers

Simplesat uses the customer's email address as their unique identifier.

To edit details for a customer who already exists in your account, upload another CSV file with a row including their email address. If the custom fields are blank, it will erase the data when you re-upload the file.

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