Each email survey has its own delivery settings for you to configure. 


An audience is the group of customers you'd like to send your survey to. Audiences are created by adding rules to filter your existing customers. 

Note: import customers by using one of our integrations or by uploading a CSV file

Choose if you'd like the rules to match ANY or ALL conditions:

Choose a field you'd like a rule to be based on:

Then add the field value:

You can get the field values for any customer by searching for them by name or email address in the customers section.

You can preview the number of customers that match your audience in real time:

Click View matching customers to see a sample of up to 20 names in your list.


Here's where you can choose how often a customer will receive the survey. 

Delivery Window

Select the days of the week and time of day that emails should be sent. 

Note: The delivery time zone is currently hardcoded in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), so you'd need to convert the time to match your preferred delivery timframe if you're not making use of UTC.

Here are some useful stats on the best times to send emails.


Choose between two options:

  • Spread out evenly over time (recommended)
  • As soon as possible

📖 Learn more about distribution types

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