By default, rating images for CSAT surveys are ordered Negative to Positive. We do this to stay consistent with the sliding scale question type, where the lowest value is always on the left.

There isn't a way to reverse the order in the survey builder, but it is possible by editing the HTML.

You can follow the steps below to edit your embed code's HTML. If you need any help with this at all, just let the Simplesat team know and we're happy to help. 👍 

Switching icon order in the embed code HTML

Copy and format your HTML code

First, copy your survey's embed code and format the HTML using a tool like this.

Formatting the HTML will make it much easier to manage. Here's an example with spaces and indentations added after formatting:

Edit the HTML code

Paste the formatted code in a text editor. 

The change you want to make is reordering the code wrapped in the <td>  HTML tags.

You can see the current order by looking at the number value after the /rating/  parameter in the URL:

Select the first block of code wrapped in <td> tags and cute/paste it to the end. 

Then, select the next top block and move it to the middle. 

If you have a 4 or 5-scale CSAT survey, you'll need to repeat these steps a few more times. 


We can help!

Again, if HTML isn't your thing and you have any questions at all, just let us know. We're standing by to assist. 😎 

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