Ongoing email surveys
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Ongoing surveys give you the ability to put email sending on autopilot.

Create your survey

First, create a new survey.

Customize the survey settings, then choose the Email directly from Simplesat option in the Publish section and select Ongoing for your delivery method in the pop-up box.

Choose ongoing delivery method

Customize the email content

You can read all about customizing content here.

Create your sending audience

Create an audience by adding rules. For example, you could add a rule for "Customer type = Active", or "Tag = Q4 2020 NPS survey".

๐Ÿง  Pro tip - you can import customers directly from this page. After you import, Simplesat automatically adds a tag with the current date and time. You can use that tag as a rule, making it easy for you to target the users you just imported.

Set the frequency

The frequency determines how often your customers will receive emails. Simplesat will not deliver more than one email to the same customer within the set frequency period.

Delivery window

Set the days of week and time of day that you'd like your surveys to go out.

Note: The times should be in your local time zone, but make sure to check the time zone under the date.

Choose a distribution method

You have two distribution options for your email survey:

Spread out delivery evenly over time

This option will calculate the number of emails to send per day based on your audience size, frequency, and delivery window.

Simplesat will continue to automatically calculate this number as your audience size changes over time.

This option is recommended, as it allows you to continuously get a steady stream of feedback over time.

Deliver emails as soon as possible

Simplesat will send emails as soon as possible within the daily sending limits.

Set it live!

After you're satisfied with your survey's emails, audience, and delivery settings, it's time to set it live.

Delivery status

You can view the status next to the survey's name.




The survey is paused and will not send any emails until you set it live again.


The survey is live and will continuously send emails when customers match the delivery window.

Sending history stats

These stats give you a quick overview of:

  • The date surveys were sent

  • The stats for how many were sent, opened, and clicked

Note: A "click" is recorded after your customer clicks any link in the survey email. Clicks include any links in your intro/outro text, or the footer. This means that clicks aren't necessarily a response.

For a more detailed breakdown of your survey's email activity, click the shiny View email results button.


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