Event-based email surveys

Event-Based Email Surveys in Simplesat offer a seamless and efficient way to gather feedback at crucial customer interactions.

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Event-based email surveys let you easily send a survey email from Simplesat by making an API request. This is a great way to get feedback from customers after important moments, like when they buy something or when their support issue gets fixed.

Creating an event-based email survey

Creating an event-based email survey is a breeze. Start by creating a new survey by clicking the New Survey button on the Surveys page.

Customize the questions as you usually would. Then, in the Publish tab, choose the Direct email delivery option.

Select Event-based delivery type.

Customizing emails

Here's where you can add your personal touch:

  • Customize the email copy and sending details as per your preference.

  • Include merge tags in the content such as customer name, company, agent name, and ticket ID.

  • If you want to increase response rates, enable follow-up emails to reach out to customers who didn't initially respond.


To prevent overwhelming customers with too many surveys, Simplesat has an email suppression feature:

  • You can control how often customers receive surveys by setting a limit. This means each customer will only get one survey during within a specific timeframe.

  • Even if there are many API requests made, customers will still only receive one email within the set timeframe.


You can choose to wait for a specific number of hours before sending the email after you make the first API request.

Triggering event-based emails

Event-Based Emails are triggered by an API POST request:

Copy the Endpoint and request body provided on the delivery page.

When sending survey through the API, make sure to include an email address in the request. You can also add more details like customer info, ticket numbers, or team member fields if needed. All of this info will be included with the feedback in Simplesat. Just edit the request in your API tool to add these details easily.

Here's a sample API request using Postman:

We suggest using Postman for testing to learn how everything works. You can create a free account on the Postman website and then download the app.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. We're here to help! πŸ˜‰

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