Survey access

By default, Managers and Collaborators do not have access to any surveys. Access can be granted while inviting new users, editing users, viewing a survey dashboard, or editing a survey.

Restricting survey access means that the user cannot see any survey stats or feedback anywhere in their Simplesat account or email notifications.

Choose survey access for an individual user

You can choose survey access for Managers and Collaborators while inviting or editing a user on the Users page.

Choose user access for an individual survey

To edit user access, select the option from the dropdown while editing a survey or viewing its stats.

By default, only Owners and Admins will have access to new surveys. You can choose individual Managers and Collaborators.

Restricting feedback for Collaborators

In addition to restricting survey access, Admins can enable an option for Collaborators to only see the feedback they're associated with on the Account settings page.

Once enabled, Collaborators will only see feedback if their account is mapped to the primary team member or any ticket collaborators.

In the example image below, Cory Brown, Britney Spears and Training Admin1 would all be able to view this feedback.

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