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Simplesat's CloudRadial integration allows you to send responses both ways, making it easy to track all of your feedback in one place.


CloudRadial uses API keys for authentication. To get your keys, log in to your CloudRadial account and go to Partner > Settings > Integrations > API (beta), then click Add API Key.

Create a name, and get your keys:

Copy and paste the keys in the authentication popup on the Simplesat integration page.

If you're unable to authenticate, make sure your credentials are correct. If that still doesn't work, please reach out to Simplesat support and we'll help you out.

Create new feedback after receiving CloudRadial feedback

Simplesat can sync feedback from CloudRadial to Simplesat.

To set this up, authenticate if you haven't done so already, then scroll down to create new feedback after receiving CloudRadial feedback and click the activate integration button.

Add the webhook URL to CloudRadial feedback settings

Next, copy your webhook URL from the CloudRadial integration page.

Once you have the webhook URL, head over to Partner > Feedback in your CloudRadial account. Then click Settings > Edit in the top right corner.

Make sure that feedback is enabled.

Paste the URL in the JSON Webhook URL field and save the settings.

Choose the survey where responses should be created

Go back to the CloudRadial integration page, then scroll down towards field mapping.

In the field mapping table, set survey ID and answer question ID to lookup.

Then select which survey the responses should sync to, and select the primary question of that survey.

Then click save.

Sync feedback from Simplesat to CloudRadial

Add feedback in CloudRadial from Simplesat to be able to see all of your ratings in once place.

Scroll down to sync feedback from Simplesat to CloudRadial and click activate integration.



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