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Authenticating with Pendo

To authenticate with Pendo you will need an API Key. Click here to learn how to get one.

Click the authenticate button and fill in your Pendo API Key.

You are now authenticated with Pendo! πŸŽ‰

Sync survey data from Pendo to Simplesat

To sync data over from Pendo to Simplesat you'll first need to enable the integration, and then you'll need to set up a webhook in Pendo.

Authenticate if you haven't done so already. Then scroll down to sync survey data from Pendo to Simplesat and click activate integration.

Next, you'll need to set up a webhook in Pendo.

For this you will need to get a webhook URL from Simplesat. Please contact Simplesat support to provide you with this.

Once you've received your webhook URL go back to Pendo and navigate to settings > integrations in the left-side navigation and select the webhooks tab.

1. Select the + add webhook button in the top-right of the integrations page.

2. Add the details of your webhook, including:

  • A descriptive name, such as where the webhook is going and which data are being sent.

  • Set the webhook type to URL.

  • Use the URL you've received from Simplesat

3. Send a test.

4. Choose an event category type. Normally this is npsSubmitted.

Please let Simplesat support know once this is finished.

You can read more about webhooks in Pendo by clicking here.

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