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Although the integrations below are not required to collect satisfaction feedback from cases, we still recommend setting them up so you can take full advantage of Microsoft Dynamics' case workflows.

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Adding surveys in Microsoft Dynamics

Simplesat surveys can be added to Microsoft Dynamics email notifications send from workflows.

Authenticating with Microsoft Dynamics

Click the Activate integration button and fill in your Microsoft Dynamics URL.

You need to include https://

Log in with your Microsoft account and click accept.

Update contact/case with Simplesat feedback

Simplesat will send data back to custom fields in Microsoft Dynamics.

Fields can be created under any entity, but for Simplesat's integrations they're only needed under contacts or cases (or both).

Depending on which integration you'd like to use pick either contacts or cases in the steps below.

Start by going to advanced settings in Microsoft Dynamics.

Next, click the arrow next to settings and go to customizations.

Then go to Customize the system.

A new page should open, in the left side bar go to Components > Entities > Contact or Case > Fields then click new.

Here you'll need to create 3 fields: Rating, Sentiment and Comment. Use these settings and leave all other settings the default:


Display name: Simplesat rating

Name: new_simplesatrating


Display name: Simplesat sentiment

Name: new_simplesatsentiment


Display name: Simplesat comment

Name: new_simplesatcomment

Maximum length: 1000

After the fields are created go back to Components > Entities > Contact or Case but this time go to forms.

For contacts open the Contact for Multisession experience form.

For cases open the Case for Interactive experience form.

Next, drag the Simplesat rating, sentiment and comment from the field explorer to where you want them to be displayed in your case / contact.

It should look something like this:

When you're done click save and publish.

Scroll down to the integration you'd like to use and click activate integration.

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