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Adding surveys to Mailchimp

Simplesat allows you to create a CSAT or NPS survey that you can embed directly in Mailchimp campaigns.

Read the full guide on how to embed a Simplesat survey in your e-mails.

Authenticating with Mailchimp

Access the Mailchimp integrations page here.

Click the authenticate button and fill in your Mailchimp credentials.

Allow Simplesat to connect with Mailchimp.

Sync feedback to contact's custom merge fields

Simplesat can update the corresponding contact after a customer submits feedback.

Here's an example of how this will look in Mailchimp:

To set this up, visit the Mailchimp integrations page by clicking here.

Scroll down to configure integrations.

Authenticate with Mailchimp if you haven't done so already, then under Sync feedback to contact's custom merge fields click activate integration.

The first time this integration runs Simplesat will create 3 merge fields in Mailchimp, (RATING, COMMENT and SENTIMENT), in which feedback will be displayed.

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