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Add a Simplesat survey to ServiceNow

Simplesat allows you to create a CSAT or NPS survey that you can embed directly in your ServiceNow email notifications.

Authenticating with ServiceNow

Click the authenticate button and fill in ServiceNow instance name.

e.g., if your URL is, this would be "myInstance".

Next, type in your ServiceNow username and password and click authenticate.

Sync Simplesat feedback to an incident's custom field

This integration will sync a customer's rating, sentiment and comment to 3 custom fields in ServiceNow.

First, you'll need to create those fields. You can do this by going to all > incident > open and clicking on any open incident.

Right click the grey top bar, and go to configure > form layout.

Under create new field add these 3 fields:

  • Name: Simplesat rating

  • Type: Integer

  • Name: Simplesat sentiment

  • Type: String

  • Field length: Small (40)

  • Name: Simplesat comment

  • Type: String

  • Field length: Large (1000)

After creating the fields click save in the top right corner.

Then, go back to the open incident and right click the grey top bar again, but this time go to configure > form design.

The fields are already placed in your incident, but you can set them to your preferred place by dragging the dots next to the fields and clicking save in the top right corner.

Scroll down to sync feedback to incident custom fields and press activate.

Add rating and sentiment to incident labels

Simplesat can add feedback rating and sentiment to an incident's labels.

Here's an example of what this looks like in ServiceNow:

To set this up your account needs to be a security_admin.

First, the API user needs some permissions set in ServiceNow.

Go to all > system security > access control (ACL).

Next, search for label_entry.table_key and open label_entry.table_key write.

Click your portrait in the top right corner and go to elevate role.

Enable security_admin and click update.

Under roles, click insert a new row and add a role that your API user has.

This is the ServiceNow account that was used to sign into ServiceNow in Simplesat.

Do not delete any of the other roles that are there.

Eventually it should look something like this:

When done, click update in the top right corner.

Scroll down to sync feedback to incident labels and click activate integration.

Pull incident details

Each time your customer provides a rating, Simplesat will associate the following information with the response.


Data collected


ID, Number, Short description, Type, Priority, Impact, Urgency, Severity, Category

Requester (Customer)

ID, Name, Email, Company

Responder (Opened by)

ID, Name, Email

All information gathered through the API will override fields sent through URL parameters.

Here's an example of how this will look in Simplesat:

Scroll down to pull incident details and click activate integration.

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