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Publishing feedback
Publishing customer feedback and ratings
Publishing customer feedback and ratings

Publicly display positive ratings and comments by embedding feedback widgets on your website.

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Displaying testimonials on your website has never been easier with Simplesat's feedback widgets.

After embedding a widget on your website, you can publish positive comments in real-time with one click.

Widget types


The Grid widget displays equal sized rows of published feedback. The number of columns depends on the width of the container it's in. Most regular desktop resolutions will show 3 columns, while 1 on mobile.


Masonry behaves the same as Grid except that testimonial boxes expand to fit the height of each comment.

This is especially useful if you're publishing testimonials that greatly vary in length.


The Score widget displays the rating value from any CSAT, NPS, or CES survey in your account.

Popup box

The Popup box differs from all other widgets in that you don't need to choose a certain section of a page for it to live in.

Instead, any page that has the script installed will display the widget in the lower left corner of the browser. This makes it the easiest widget to install because no new sections or restructuring is necessary.


The carousel widget rotates testimonials, making it the best option to display big bold comments that are sure to grab your visitors attention!

Create a widget

Head over to your Simplesat account, and navigate to Admin > Feedback widgets.

Click on the Create feedback widget button.

Choose the type of widget you'd like to use. Each widget has more detailed instructions in the dashboard, and customization options.

Feedback widget plan limits

Your plan specifies how many feedback widgets you can actively use.

Reaching this limit means:

  • Prune as needed - Remove widgets that are no longer serving your current feedback strategy.

  • Plan Upgrade - Consider a plan upgrade to continue expanding and customizing your feedback collection toolkit.

Stay on top of your current feedback widget count and usage across various features by visiting your Usage page.

Customize the widget

Customize the widget to your heart's desires! πŸ˜‰

Feedback filtering

Filtering let's you zero in on exactly the type of feedback you'd like to show for each widget.

For example, you could have a filter for a tag "response time" to showcase a particular positive aspect of your service. Or, filter to show feedback only for a specific CSAT ticket survey to make a point at how awesome your support team is.

If you'd like feedback to automatically publish, just remove the "Published is true" filter.


If you don't know where to start, you can use the Presets that we have.

Widget preview

Check how the widget would look like when added to your website. You can see how it's displayed when viewed on Desktop or Mobile.

Once you're done with the customizations, click the Save and Publish button.

Install your feedback widget

Once you're done with the customizations, click the Get Installation code button, and copy the widget code.

Publishing feedback

You have the option to publish any comment as a testimonial.Β 

To publish feedback, go to the Feedback page. Find a comment you'd like to publish, and click the bullhorn icon to the right:

  • An orange icon means the comment is published.Β 

  • To un-publish, simply click the icon again to toggle on/off.

Pro tip: Choose the Comment has any value filtering option to quickly get a list of publish-worthy comments!

If you experience any issues with the feedback widgets or publishing comments, please let us know, and we'll help get everything sorted out for you. πŸ˜„ Β 

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